17 German industrial and university partner organizations from the wastewater sector are integrated into the Joint Project in the seven Subgroups (Subgroups 1 – 7) mentioned below. Each of the Subgroups represents a focal segment of the wastewater and sewage sludge treatment fields.

Subgroup 1: Activated sludge systems

Extension of the design rules for plants based on the widely-used activated sludge system and additional investigations relating to on-line analysis and remote data transmission  ... more

Subgroup 2: Aeration technology

Special investigation into the design and optimization of submerged diffuser systems for activated sludge systems and others at both high and low temperatures as a base for the extension of the existing design rules ... more

Subgroup 3: Trickling filters

Development of design algorithms based on internationally known approches and elaboration of specific operating instructions for trickling filters ... more

Subgroup 4: Anaerobic technology

Extension of the design approach for UASB (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket) reactors with special attention being paid to solids conversion and methane emissions ... more

Subgroup 5: Wastewater ponds

Extension of the design rules for wastewater pond systems, both aerated and non-aerated, and special investigations, inter alia into algal-bacterial symbiosis ... more

Subgroup 6: Sewage sludge management

Investigations about the dimensioning of sewage sludge treatment, inter alia for the purpose of the extension of anaerobic sludge stabilization systems and solar-based sewage sludge drying as well as recommendations for the recycling or disposing of biosolids ... more

Subgroup 7: Disinfection and water reuse

Investigations into wastewater disinfection focusing on the use of micro-screening to remove helminth eggs and also into the reuse of recycled wastewater  ... more

Overall coordination of the Subgroups

Coordination and scientific/technological assistance of the seven subgroups as well as support in disseminating the results ... mehr

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