DWA Topic

The new DWA Topic T4/2016 "Design of wastewater treatment plants in warm and cold climatic zones" was released in October 2016

Cover of DWA Topic T4/2016The DWA Topic T4/2016 is a complement to the regular German DWA Set of Rules for the design of wastewater and sludge treatment facilities. While the regular DWA set of rules is mainly related to the boundary conditions prevailing in Central Europe, the new DWA Topic considers the divergent wastewater-specific and climatic conditions obtaining in other regions worldwide, like high or low wastewater temperatures or particular requirements for the effluent quality.

In May 2019 the English translation has been published as DWA Topic „Design of wastewater treatment plants in hot and cold climates” by DWA. It is available at the DWA-Shop